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Gynecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Reduction: Gynecomastia typically consists of an excess fat and breast tissue.
Gynecomastia is a technical name for male breast enlargement, which happens to be a medical condition characterized by swallowing male breast tissue caused by hormonal imbalance, Too much estrogen or not enough testosterone.

When our body is in hormonal harmony, everything is good but when the female estrogen gets a little bit too high some weird things can happen and one of weird things is that males can develop small little breast buds behind the nipples ranging from puffy nipples to full on like seriously boobies.

Is it dangerous? No …… Is it embarrassing? Yes.


Best Candidate for Gynecomastia:

How to treat manage and eliminate male breast enlargement (Gynecomastia)?

Gynecomastia is most common with males who take steroids:

  • When you take steroids, you are artificially giving yourself more testosterone or androgen and resulting in imbalance in your hormonal blood concentration. Due to high level of testosterone concentration, your body goes into estrogen production overdrive, resulting in hard tissue behind the nipples.
  • The good thing that if you are taking steroids and then stop them everything will back to normal and the puffiness will shrink. However, when you take steroids for a long period your body will never have chance to reregulate and so the breast tissue actually become hard and the only way to eliminate that is actually to have surgery and remove gynecomastia.

Males have not taking steroids or never do anything to get gynecomastia:

  • Gynecomastia is also common in teen-age boys because of puberty and the body shape changes that happened (changing in voice, bear growth, ext.…) they may develop gynecomastia.
  • This type of teenage gynecomastia only lasts on average between six months to two years.
  • Usually this gynecomastia is goes away alone. However, sometimes it does not go away on its own and it hangs out a little bit longer and if it hangouts out too long it will actually solidify and the breast tissue will hardness and in this solution you are probably going to need to do a plastic surgeon and get consultation because it dose required surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery:

Removing breast tissue and doing Liposculpture to the breast to remove some of the fat accumulate around the cheats

Gynecomastia Surgery in Medigate Center:

  • Adequate treatment of gynecomastia usually requires removal of both the fat and breast tissue.
  • Excess fat is removed by liposuction through a small hole on the lateral aspect of the chest.
  • Liposuction however dose not remove most of the excess breast tissue this excess breast tissue usually requires surgical excision this is done through a small U shaped incision along the bottom of the areola the breast tissue is then separated from the overlying skin and the underlying muscles the breast tissue is then everted out of the cheats wall.
  • It is then removed in a meticulous precise fashion making sure to leave the normal a normal mamma breast tissue behind.
  • Removing too much will create contour regularities however removing too little will not correct the problem.
  • At this time the skin and nipple area are then sutured back down to the underlying muscles this encourages the skin to heal in a smooth fashion.


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