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Liposuccion des Fesses

 We can help you enhance your beauty with the most popular cosmetic procedure Buttocks Liposuction.

Liposuction generally is one of the most demanded surgery for both women and men.

It is start with the extraction of fatty tissue with the help of a suction cannula. Reducing fat deposit area that are not easily eliminated by diet and exercise.

Best Candidates for Buttocks Liposuction:

  • Young men and women with good skin elasticity have localized fat resistance to diets and exercise.

There are people that do not have a proportionate shape due to accumulation of localized fat.

Liposuction defines and provides a better shape or silhouette in specific areas of the body and face by removing fat deposits, which provides body shape in proportion and buttocks are considered one of the most important physically attractive features in women.

There are patient that they not develop a proper shape of the gluteal muscles or they lack a proper shape we look for harmony under curves.

Since body profile suggest nice balance between the upper and lower part of the body this can be achieved with the combination of liposuction and buttocks fat transfer.

Results from this procedure will be noticeable once swelling and fluid retained has been disappeared.

The results will provide an improved body silhouette with less body mass, which is completely normal after liposuction.

The degree of satisfaction the surgery provided to patient can be increased if they maintain a healthy by dieting and exercising this surgery take between one to three hours.

Recovery from Buttocks Liposuction consist of:

Compression bandages for one day. Surgical garment for up to six weeks.

Side Effect of Buttocks Reduction Operation:

Bruising numbness and swelling for several weeks.

Note for Buttocks Reduction Operation:

You will be able to return to regular activity such as work one to two weeks after surgery. Depending on the extent of the procedure.

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